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Duos, Trios, and more...

I'm always up for being a unicorn in the mix; or, by arrangement, I'm open to working with some of my friends in the field - including a number of travelling companions who visit our fine city. Ask me for more details and I'll let you know what's possible!

Let's Get Together:

Thank you for choosing to fill out a booking form with me! The information you provide here will help me determine if we have chemistry…As well as allow me customize our personal encounter together, right down to the last detail! (Please be yourself and answer honestly and politely.) Let’s get started! Communication is of utmost importance and ensures the very best of experiences. Please ensure that you have included the following information:

Booking Request Form
I don't discriminate based on age, but I do like to know, and must require my guests be 19+

Include a bit about yourself. I ask this because I like to build a positive connection with those I spend my time with.

Do you have a fetish enquiry that is not listed? If so, please let me know. I want to be as accommodating as possible.