Embrace Authentic Connections with Ava Marie!

Embodying the essence of companionship, I am a selective and exclusive woman who strives to create authentic and lasting connections with my suitors. With ten years of experience, I know how important both professionalism and discretion are to those who choose to spend time with me. You can always rest assured that my level of service is of the highest calibre. My space is free from discrimination and I am eager to meet with those of all ages(18+), sizes, races, and ethnicities.  

Beyond the luxury and glamour, I am a warm-hearted individual with an irresistible sense of humour and an infectious laugh. My liveliness and zest bring an element of excitement and enthusiasm to every meeting.

When I’m not serving laughs, lust, and good looks to a variety of clientele, I indulge myself in hobbies of painting and reading. Indulge in my love for painting, reading, and the culinary arts. Freshly baked goods adorn my space for our time together, a testament to my unwavering passion for cooking and baking.

A bit more about me

Maintaining my overall well-being through health and fitness is of the utmost importance to me. Rooted in a farm upbringing, I have a strong bond with animals and nature. This grounded approach to life allows me to adapt to various situations and embrace the beauty of simplicity. You could say that I’m not afraid to kick off my heels and get a little dirty when the occasion calls for it. 😉  This upbringing has allowed me to adapt to a variety of situations and has given me a grounded and appreciative approach to life.  

As a true kinkster at heart, I am well-versed in all things unconventional! Whether you’re a seasoned participant or just looking to explore a different dynamic, I have a multitude of skills that will satisfy a variety of kinky flavours. With a lengthy repertoire of different kinks, it’s best that you contact directly with your specific desires. I aim to offer a space in which you can let yourself go without judgment or concern.   

When booking with me, you not only gain access to a professional with a wealth of experience but also an exciting and vivacious woman who brings authenticity to every encounter. My ability to connect with people creates a genuine love for providing companionship. Allow me to connect your visions with reality, it is my goal to curate a space where you feel completely at ease.  


Connecting fantasies with reality, one encounter at a time- Your Unique Experience Awaits…